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Friday, April 25, 2008

Gucci vs. Bargains

Why spend the next 4 month's rent on a chic black and white Gucci dress when you can get one for an hour or two's worth of pay? Allow me to demonstrate with the following Gucci dress:

White etamine print cotton piquet decollette fold dress.  Gucci $1995.00

Why is this dress expensive?

  • Expensive celebrity endorsements
  • Expensive runway shows
  • Expensive print ads (models, production, media placements)
  • Expensive marketing
Who ends up paying for all of this branding? The consumers that buy into it. Allow me to present some inexpensive options, which don't look exactly like this dress, but are still cute:

Tie Neck Zebra Print Dress

Stephanie Geometric Dress
Holly Floral Bubble Dress

Shop smart, ladies.

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